April 16th, 2010

I have just decided that as the elder in the family, I have an obligation to pass on family history (as I know it). It is hard to realize how this came to be and the idea of obligation is just my way of feeling important. So be it.

The Elder I have most respected in my life is Dora Alice Reagan, my grandmother. She has been my life-long mentor as she was a strong, independent woman before it was the fashion. Her life was full, she was involved in everything around her, community, family, gardening. I’m wishing now I had asked her more about her time. I know she was active in the movement for women to get the vote, but she never mentioned it. She talked more about family. When elections came around those running for office always asked for her endorsement. In the small community in Yavapai County, Arizona, it was important to everyone to know what Grandma thought. Everyone called her Grandma. Grandma Alice with California grandchildren

I am including a family story, a cameo of her life. As Iwrote it quite a few years ago it brings back memories with a freshness that now might escape me.