Wasted Opportunity

February 21st, 2011

This opportunity to write something that somebody might read is going to waste. It’s like the many times I have resolved to write a journal; after a long explanation of why I want to do it, I fail to carry on. Should I turn over a new leaf? No, it won’t do any good but today I need to say something to advance this page a bit.

I have come to the realization that I am old. I need to examine my life and make some changes, such as: cutting back on obligations in order to find energy and time to keep moving, thinking, writing, seeing people.

How? About obligations: no more being in charge even though I like to organize and I do an excellent job. Give it up. It takes too much of the room in my brain that I need in order to think about other things like writing and seeing friends. The month of January I gave up some activities that I love but that need to go in order to move on with my life.

Seeing people: it seems that I have always waited for friends to reach out to me; I need to be willing to reach out to others. This is a real challenge.

Keep moving: this is a tough one as I lack perseverance when it comes to physical challenges. A few classes of yoga or tai chi and I try to commit yet have a million excuses. After an exhilarating walk along the cliffs, I vow to make it a habit but fail. What to do? This is a challenge.

Today I will put this on my website, also a new poem, and then do some work in the yard.