Update on “Layer by Layer”

April 24th, 2012

A lot has happened since we launched “Layer by Layer” last November. This isn’t just my excuse for not updating this web sooner. Some of the events have been overwhelming and although I know from experience that writing about them can help me to accept and find peace, somehow I just didn’t try to work through in that way. Also some truly wonderful things have happened and I have given much time to them. These I will mention here.

In January I was the featured reader at Poet-Speak. This is a group lead by Joyce Keller that meets once a month at the Santa Cruz Library. I credit her and Len Anderson with encouraging great interest in poetry in this area.

Another wonderful thing was that Willing Suspension Armchair Theatre featured my writing in April. Karen Schamberg and Donald Grube chose the material and directed the four readers.

I have to admit it was a bit scary hearing others interpret the various poems, short stories and also two monologues from my plays, Found Wanting and Relative Shades. I loved what they did. Actually a great experience and the audience response was gratifying. Poets don’t often have an opportunity to hear others read their work.

People ask how to buy the book and there are several ways:

  • They are at Capitola Book Café.
  • Selecting the tab Buy the Book will connect you with Google Checkout.
  • A third way would be to email me at wpgrube@cruzio.com and I will send you a book and directions for paying $12 plus $5 shipping. If I can deliver the book there will be no shipping charge.
  • By the way if you order through Google and I see that you live close enough to deliver the book, I will refund the shipping charge.