What a year!

October 18th, 2012

Changes, decisions, changes, discussions, readings, changes, building, tearing down, replacing, building and so on until my mind was completely congested, confused and in other words unable to sort things out and then I fell down.

Most important first. I have no broken bones but my right arm still can’t do very much. I need to get back to the Silver Sneakers exercise program which I abandoned all summer because of the fall. (I am putting a poem about my fall on the poem page.)

The discussions, decisions resulted in changes that probably don’t look like real changes. My house has two stories and in January I moved out of my cozy space downstairs and moved upstairs to the airy sunny main part of the house. That had been my primary space for 30 years. I love that space with high ceilings, big view windows, familiar kitchen open to the dining and living room (so everyone is included in the conversation). For years the kids had control of the downstairs with a large family room and their bedrooms. The downstairs is the space I converted a few years ago to my space. I moved there and shared the upstairs with family members.

To make a long story short, I moved up and then I moved down. Each move was an opportunity to sort and discard, a process I am still doing. I had decided to sell this place and move downtown. Then new plans developed that make it possible to stay right here. So I moved downstairs again.

Alice and Ron have moved upstairs to share this property on a permanent basis. She even remodeled a part of the garage for a music studio. It is charming. if we open two new big doors, it is possible to have a recital or such right in the patio.