First Post

July 16th, 2009

What do I put in my own personal blog? Anything new is a little scary; this project even more so because someone may read what I am writing; someone I may or may not know, someone I didn’t invite to read. That is not true; by doing this I am inviting the world to share my thoughts. Above all I want to be honest. These entries might be my old thoughts or they might be comments on recent interests and activities. Now and then I will write about current world and local events. So – – – here I go – – – jumping off into the world wide web – – – – – 

THE WILLING SUSPENSION ARMCHAIR THEATRE  is  presented each month at Actors’ Theatre.  For each event a director and six readers present literature on a particular theme. We have discovered that listening to the reading of poems, short stories and thoughtful commentary is almost like drinking champagne. It’s a different experience from reading or watching TV or movies. My job has been in the organizing and publicizing but in September, I will also present Stories About Mothers and Daughters. It takes an amazing amount of work to put together a script for one of the Armchair Theatre readings. My  sister suggested the theme. It did not appeal to me at first as I thought she wanted something very sweet and light. She claims I always get into doom and gloom; not true but that is what she says.

I started looking through collections of poems by women. Wow! Lots of them were writing about their fathers. A tough search for poems about their mothers, a few wrote about daughters. My parameters were to read only women writers. Then I began to find a wealth of material. A collection of poems written by poets from many countries, through many centuries, produced some interesting attitudes. Several local poets have submitted their works. As for other writings: Paula by Isabel Allende was an obvious choice. Great writing by Jamaica Kincaid whose mother died when she was born. Kim Chernin wrote about her mother’s life.  Anyone’s Daughter by Shana Alexander is about the trial of Patty Hearst. Shana was having difficulties with her own daughter at the time of the trial. I was glued to the radio every day as Patty’s disappearance mirrored something happening in my own family. The Book of Ruth from the Old Testament is about a daughter-in-law. I decided to include grandmothers and daughters-in-law. If God is mentioned, the intention is a mother god.

After copying many passages from those books and many poems I have an amazing collection from which to choose and then to sort and arrange in a more or less dramatic order. I’m glad I started early. When I awakened several mornings ago these thoughts were tangled in my head: birth, nurture, abandonment, love, separation, death, longing. Then I started to arrange opposites: love/hate, nurture/abandonment, attachment/separation, birth/death,  longing/smothering, growth/crippling. Too many big thoughts. The next step is to try to put the various passages into some sort of order and see what that says. On the other hand, I tell myself, order is not important, just present the work and let each hear what they will hear. Perhaps it will be a patchwork quilt.