A Sonnet for the Season

December 16th, 2010

The calendar says it’s time to be jolly;
Sincerely it’s something I want to do.
After all, now it’s time to hang holly
And to try to compose a song for you.
Do not chastise me if the words don’t come.
Look in your own heart, what do you see?
Without any words, I will try to hum;
That way I might find a melody.
Then joy can come with fitting words;
With many good wishes of peace and love,
With symbols of bells, of reindeers and birds.
My thoughts can fly to you, as if by dove.
The season asks a lot of a sonnet,
But, the wishes of my heart are in it.

Patricia Grube

Christmas on Laurel Springs Road
more than sixty years ago
the child is Patty Free