Bearing Witness

February 21st, 2011

Standing in the sun
looking for some shade
I found a tree where
slaves were sold. Once
long ago in Zambia.
I felt that I had been
there in the past.

Once a Spanish galleon
was wrecked on Galway Bay.
It’s said one of my ancestors
escaped the English there.
Long ago. I watched the waves.

The wall in China wanders
like a snake across the miles
across the mountains.
Hand-hewn stones
were put there by peasants
conscripted to build defenses.
Once long ago. In amazement
I held my camera
to record the moment.

In desert air, in wilderness
I sat on a rock in the hills
where the Baptist roamed.
Once long ago.
I found his spirit there.

According to St. Helena,
who claimed she found the true cross,
the streets I walked
were the streets
where Jesus walked.
Once long ago in Jerusalem.

©February 21, 2011