Pencil Drawings by Donald Grube

November 5th, 2012

Donald Grube’s drawings add to the enjoyment of Layer by Layer.

page 103Donald says:
“These drawings weren’t created for Layer by Layer. They were drawn sometime before and then selected by Patricia, Alice and myself. The pictures are from three different time periods, however, for each period, I tried to recreate similar guidelines and processes. I used the paper as a game board to record and study each stroke’s identity, heritage and future. In fact, I was intrigued with the stroke-to-stroke aspect of my work. Sometimes I would artificially speed up or slow down my thoughts and/or the application of the medium to attenuate or catch up with myself. The pieces appear highly structured to me, maybe because my personal life was less so.”

Patricia says:
My poems are very accessible; his drawings add an element of mystery.