December 4th, 2013

When the pot boils I will have morning coffee
something hot to drink and perhaps a crumb.
Dawn comes as I sit on the balcony
and here I will watch for a new miracle.
What a joy it is to watch the rising sun
to remember again that time on the river.

The drive was long that took us to the river;
it was cold and we were wanting coffee.
There is not much warmth in the early sun.
I’ll have a hot drink then I’ll toast the crumb
spread it with butter and wait for the miracle
that will be seen today from the balcony.

Sitting here on the bench on the balcony
remembering that time on the river
that seemed the beginning of a miracle.
Two of us drinking one cup of coffee
sharing a roll, giving birds just a crumb.
We watched the water that glowed in the sun.

We must have been crazy there under the sun.
Now morning is cold on the balcony.
I want something to drink and perhaps a crumb
like the one we fed to birds on the river.
I want a roll and a cup of hot coffee.
If it comes very soon, it’s a miracle.

To begin a new day is a miracle
the world’s born again in the morning sun.
I am happy now with a cup of hot coffee
to drink by myself on the balcony.
It’s not the same as the day on the river
when we sat together and shared a crumb.

I just made the coffee where is the crumb.
Long ago we were promised a miracle;
that was the day we were there on the river.
I think of that on this day in the sun
sitting alone on this cold balcony.
The day is warming as I drink my coffee.

Here is the crumb and I’ll have some more coffee
to remember the river that shines in the sun.
Today is new, a miracle now, as I sit on the balcony.