October 16th, 2015

Corruption crept into my brain.
How that began I do not know.
Surgery was performed.
The Surgeon called for a stronger saw
“This woman has a very hard head.”
She then lifted out the tumor.

At midnight I was welcomed
to the Acute Rehabilitation Unit
by a kind nurse named Tenzen.
I asked her if this was Tibet.
Then I dreamed that people
far away were praying for me.

In the morning a young policeman
came into the ward
and asked for my password.
I replied, “Patricia Grube 8,1, 23”.
He gave me a bag
with my sandals inside.

Then he said he wanted me to know
about his grandfather. “In Holland
during the war, he helped people
to escape. Then he was killed”
He said that he wanted to help people
because he knew about his grandfather.

Perhaps he told me this because I am old
and I know about the war.
In the rehabilitation ward
the helpers had special skills
to teach me to walk again
and to remember my lost words.

This picture was taken one month later (August 8, 2015).
Family: cropped