Words to Live By

Wpg:wendyphot“Pack rat” is the right description for me. I’ve been sorting and tossing and discovering some wonderful things.  In my boxes of memories I am finding things that had meaning when I put them away, but the meaning escapes me now.  It’s easy to take three boxes and turn them into one.

Once, having lunch at a secluded place on the north coast above San Francisco, the room was almost empty except for two women nearby exulting over their shopping trip to the City. One knew exactly how the other felt at finding the perfect shoes for the dress she would wear for the Symphony. My friend said, “One must find meaning where they can.”  And I do think those are words to live by. We cling to life.

I have just decided that as the elder in the family, I have an obligation to pass on family history (as I know it). It is hard to realize how this came to be and the idea of obligation is just my way of feeling important. So be it.

My Mission:   As a woman who has led a productive life caring for family, community and world — as a woman who has had her share of joy and tragedy — as a woman who has participated in life not just submitted to it — as a woman who has learned when to accept and when to rebel are the greater parts of wisdom — as a woman who believes a task for this time of my life is to integrate all the pieces of my life — as a woman who has some pieces here and there that don’t quite fit.  I plan to spend the next thirty years expressing myself through the arts in many ways and thus to put it all together.

Photo: courtesy of Wendy Russell