At Grandma Gazilda’s House

May 8th, 2019

Drapes of rough monk’s cloth
were held by heavy rings
on twisted metal rods.
Black daggers at each end
kept  everything from sliding off.
Thin lines like spider webs

on the unbleached fabric
made a dramatic background
for the rusty orange and brown
geometric design. My muslin
curtains also slide back
and forth on black metal.

On a bureau, was a sculpture,
probably pewter, of a knight
in full armor. He and his horse
both gleamed like silver, both
at attention, ready for action,
sword unsheathed.

Gazilda’s carpet was a garden
of flowers with a border that kept
the blossoms where they belonged.
I lay there every afternoon at five
to hear my favorite program
“coming to you from radio station

KTAR, atop the Heard Building
in Phoenix Arizona”.
I was enthralled by the exploits
of Little Orphan Annie, a girl
of courage and imagination. She
and the knight, both seekers of justice.

Looking back I think that Annie
and Don Quixote have been models
for my life. I have no interest
in Miss Muffet, who was easily
scared by a spider. Although
I did, and still do like curds and whey.

© Patricia Grube
May 3, 2010