In a Dream

December 22nd, 2013

It seemed I was coming home from somewhere
far away, down the road a small street light.
All the people that I saw were strangers
I didn’t want to have them in my dream.
They insisted on walking to my house
although I said there wasn’t any room.

Things changed when they came into the room.
I was trying to remember somewhere
in another place in a different house
with eastern windows for the morning light.
Perhaps it was real, not part of a dream;
friends were there and none of them were strangers.

It seems before they came they had been strangers.
I made a speech because it was my room.
I wondered why they were in my dream.
Although the door faced south, it was somewhere
in a dark place and I needed to find light.
It is not good to live with shadows on a house.

Because the trees were thick around the house
the rough road could not be found by strangers.
Perhaps we were afraid to let in light
to unlock and open windows in the room.
Outside, one can see through trees to somewhere
beyond the forest. One might have a dream

about a path.  Even that may be a dream.
What do I need that is not  in the house?
Here I am safe not getting lost somewhere
on a rough road with so many strangers.
It is better to stay here in this room
and keep the windows closed against the light.

Yet there is a pull of spirit toward light
to leave the darkness. Only in a dream
I see another world outside this room.
There I can wander far beyond this house
make friends of those I meet as strangers.
I wake and wonder about somewhere

there may be a room that will be full of light.
Perhaps it is somewhere but only in a dream
do I go to find the house that may be full of strangers.

 Patricia Hernan Grube
December 18, 2013