it seems as though i’m always waiting

January 11th, 2010

it seems as if i’m always waiting
waiting for the baby to be born
the water for the tea to  boil
the water for the birth to break
waiting dinner  – – then the soufflé falls

it takes an hour for the bread to rise
nobody knows how long for the pot to boil

when can I learn to tie my shoes
are we almost there
will it soon be summer
will daddy be home soon
I’ll wait for him by the bridge

waiting to start life
with a husband home from overseas
waiting for the war to end

waiting for rain
then waiting for the rain to stop
for Christmas, for winter to end
for the Christ to rise
for morning to come
for the first star at night

for time to plant seeds
for dreams to come true

waiting for the muse
for the mail
for the phone to ring

was I anxious in the womb, waiting to be born
Mama said that I was late a month or more
what was I waiting for?

© Patricia Grube
January, 2006