My Century

June 21st, 2010

When I was born
I fell into the
most interesting
Century of all time
extending from
when day was day
and night was lighted
by the moon and stars,
candles were lit at twilight
and oil filled lamps
made shadows on the wall;
to this time when electricity
blazes from windows
many stories high —
from a time of communication
neighbor to neighbor
face to face
or letters
that would travel for days;
to this time when friends
at opposite ends of the earth
or out in space
can chat as if on a porch
on a summer day.
Who are these new children
with electronic blood?
This Century
transformed itself
completely inside out.

Now that I think about it
there have been other amazing times.
What about
the before
and after
of learning to use tools?
What a change that must have been
not just in the way of living
but a whole different
consideration of life
and survival.
Fear became power.
Such an opening up
of opportunities
of invention
each one
building on the other.
We learned
to use tools and our lives
were tested
turned upside down.

Maybe that century was
than the recent electronic

What about
the century
of the wheel?
Well, now
you see how
this poem
could roll
on and on.

©Patricia Grube
June 19, 2010