New Commitment

January 30th, 2013

A new year, but I don’t want to focus on a new resolution. I do need a new commitment or perhaps to visit an old commitment. I am trying to remember why I started this website. One of my goals was to have a place to print some of my poems. Another was that it could be a sort of memoir. Later it was helpful as a place to sell my book, Layer by Layer.  It has been all these things, what can it be now?

Maybe it can be all of that; I just need to start out fresh.

As for a memoir or journal – my day-to-day life is not very exciting. Perhaps I can dig up some personal comments; if nothing else it might exercise my brain.

Perhaps I will put in a poem now and then. The one I wrote last summer when I suffered a bad fall is already in the poetry section. It explains a lot of my current situation. 2012 was a difficult year, a year of change, a year of taking stock, a year of decision.

As for writing, I am focusing right now on short stories. They are based on family, past and present.  Not sure whether to say they are creative non-fiction, memoir, or family myths; perhaps all of the above. I’m doing a lot of research. Sometimes finding the right date and putting the story in the context of the time makes a huge difference. Research can be so addicting that it takes up a lot of my writing time. My next book will be short stories.

Speaking of books, Layer by Layer is still available. Just go to the section “Buy the Book”. I have received many wonderful comments from those who received the book as a gift at Christmas. Here is part of one note:

“I received your wonderful Layer by Layer It’s great to read and re-read. – – – Your book is truly a jewel and your wry sense of humor precious. I’ve read sections to a group of friends who were just as appreciative as I am of your ways with words and memories.”

Then she added this comment: “P.S. The unique, very clever illustrations match your book.”