November 11

November 11th, 2013

today is Veterans Day
originally Armistice Day
to mark the time in 1918
when at the eleventh hour
of the eleventh day
of the eleventh month
the fighting stopped

my father’s mother received word
he was missing in action
her friends consoled her

soon there was cheering
in the streets of Boston
and all over the world
as the word spread
by telegraph
that the war to end
all  wars was over

in a church on the front
serving as a hospital
my father was found
and through the years
he recovered from wounds

the world too recovered
and yet continued
to amass newer and more
powerful weapons
then destruction began again
boys went off to war again

just out of high school
my brother fell in the field
where his father fought
in the war to end all wars

in Europe and Japan
victory was declared
and on the eleventh day
of the eleventh month
we celebrate Veterans Day
while weapons are again
amassed on every side