December 2nd, 2013

To tell a story that may be distorted
rings inside a tree tell the age.
The plan leaves room for a mystery.
Draw lines with gradations of color
that will show all past regularity,
the rhythm of each life, day by day.

Possibilities of the coming day
may be twisted and distorted
as time marches with regularity
making differences from age to age.
It seems truth needs a bit of color;
the end of the road is a mystery.

The secret is found in the mystery
that sun will not shine every day.
We always need to have some color
to prevent grays from being distorted.
It seems wine changes for good with age
and helps to maintain regularity.

Every life needs some regularity;
it will help to solve the mystery.
Even if you reach a certain age
you can not know what comes on any day;
it seems each climate can be distorted
in spite of wind or sunset color .

A lot can be learned just study color.
The truth has it’s own regularity
though life begins to be distorted.
Gather facts to solve the mystery,
to restore some integrity to the day.
This can be true no matter the age.

Always look for a task from age to age
draw new lines and vary the color;
progress may be slow from day to day.
Find a way to keep regularity;
the goal is to find the mystery.
Unravel facts that have been distorted.

Sing and dance on any day, change comes throughout the age.
Grays may be distorted, all life needs some color.
Myth with regularity adds to the mystery.