Memorial Day

May 26th, 2014

According to Wikipedia
Memorial Day is a federal holiday wherein, the men and women
who died while serving in the Armed Forces are remembered.

Graves are decorated
bands play marching music.
A day off from work
and there is no mail delivery.
It is the opening day
for summer barbecues.
In the West cherries are ripe.

For me it is a day of anger.
Anger that we still fight wars.
Anger that my brother Joe was
sent to be slaughtered in France
by Generals who calculated
the number of young men
who would need to die before
the tide of war could turn.

My Dad fought in the first World War
the War to End all Wars.
I have his letters to the VA telling
of the places where he fought
and the wounds he suffered.
My brothers listened to his stories
and were ready to follow him.

The War to End All Wars
ended  in 1919.
When the peace was signed
there would be no more war.

Then new and more powerful
weapons were manufactured.
The world exploded in another war.

In 1943, my brother Joe graduated
from high school, he caught
a 30 pound bass off the beach
in Pedro Valley and two days
after he celebrated his 18th birthday
a letter came calling him to
Active Federal Service.
One year later in November
he was killed in France.

Two wars to end war
and yet the fighting goes on.
Viet Nam, Korea, and oh yes
did you watch the television
waiting for the “Shock and Awe”
to begin the war in Iraq?
Fighting in Afghanistan
is supposed to end soon.
Many want us to take part
in fights all over the globe.

Monday is Memorial Day
and I am angry.


Patricia Hernan Grube
May, 2014