Cherry Trees

May 25th, 2016

Remember the “Cherry Rains”
that came in May just when
trees were in full bloom?
This was the Valley of Hearts Delight.

Cherry Trees

One year I cried as I stood in a field
where blossoming trees had been cut.
It seemed like a battlefield.
These were the first to fall

to IBM; then other businesses
took orchards. The hills went
for gravel to build highways
mountain to mountain.

Larry and Sergey came out of their garage
and Silicon Valley was born.
There are few cherry trees now
to bloom when the May rains come.



October 16th, 2015

Corruption crept into my brain.
How that began I do not know.
Surgery was performed.
The Surgeon called for a stronger saw
“This woman has a very hard head.”
She then lifted out the tumor.

At midnight I was welcomed
to the Acute Rehabilitation Unit
by a kind nurse named Tenzen.
I asked her if this was Tibet.
Then I dreamed that people
far away were praying for me.

In the morning a young policeman
came into the ward
and asked for my password.
I replied, “Patricia Grube 8,1, 23”.
He gave me a bag
with my sandals inside.

Then he said he wanted me to know
about his grandfather. “In Holland
during the war, he helped people
to escape. Then he was killed”
He said that he wanted to help people
because he knew about his grandfather.

Perhaps he told me this because I am old
and I know about the war.
In the rehabilitation ward
the helpers had special skills
to teach me to walk again
and to remember my lost words.

This picture was taken one month later (August 8, 2015).
Family: cropped

five Generations

April 10th, 2015

5 generationsI wanted to show the pictures of the women when they were all about the same age.

Memorial Day

May 26th, 2014

According to Wikipedia
Memorial Day is a federal holiday wherein, the men and women
who died while serving in the Armed Forces are remembered.

Graves are decorated
bands play marching music.
A day off from work
and there is no mail delivery.
It is the opening day
for summer barbecues.
In the West cherries are ripe.

For me it is a day of anger.
Anger that we still fight wars.
Anger that my brother Joe was
sent to be slaughtered in France
by Generals who calculated
the number of young men
who would need to die before
the tide of war could turn.

My Dad fought in the first World War
the War to End all Wars.
I have his letters to the VA telling
of the places where he fought
and the wounds he suffered.
My brothers listened to his stories
and were ready to follow him.

The War to End All Wars
ended  in 1919.
When the peace was signed
there would be no more war.

Then new and more powerful
weapons were manufactured.
The world exploded in another war.

In 1943, my brother Joe graduated
from high school, he caught
a 30 pound bass off the beach
in Pedro Valley and two days
after he celebrated his 18th birthday
a letter came calling him to
Active Federal Service.
One year later in November
he was killed in France.

Two wars to end war
and yet the fighting goes on.
Viet Nam, Korea, and oh yes
did you watch the television
waiting for the “Shock and Awe”
to begin the war in Iraq?
Fighting in Afghanistan
is supposed to end soon.
Many want us to take part
in fights all over the globe.

Monday is Memorial Day
and I am angry.


Patricia Hernan Grube
May, 2014


New Book

April 9th, 2014




“Chickens in Africa” is the title
of the short stories our family
is writing about the two years
we spent in Ndola, Zambia (early 70’s).
Here is a letter our youngest son wrote
to his cousin back in San Jose.


When is too late?

January 12th, 2014

I wonder if
as I walk  along the cliff
and think that it may be too late
to try to use the time that is my own.
Perhaps I underestimate
what was given to me
as my dowry
for free.

The time
has quickly gone
it is no longer dawn.
Each year has been a maze to walk
to stumble, to survive, to persevere
to laugh, to love, to watch the clock.
The time moves on too fast.
What has been passed
is past.

When is
it too late to plan;
put bacon in the pan;
to play another game of bridge;
to bid and make a slam or take a chance.
Is there time to find some courage
to thrill because one lives
one who forgives
and gives.

Patricia Hernan Grube

©January1, 2014


June 4th, 2013

A few years ago I was listening to the story of Rip Van Winkle. The time was the last half of the 18th century in which changes were enormous as it was before and after the Revolutionary War. Thinking of this made me more cognizant of the changes in the world in my life. Although I have not been asleep, I can see that things have changed in front of me and things are changing all around me.

My children’s world is not my world, their children’s world will be different from their own.

A different world in every way, not just technology, not just society, not just morality, not even the meaning of life and on and on infinitum. Here I go with what can be interpreted as preaching or lecturing but that is not what I mean this to be. It’s just that I want to share my insights gained from observations through the years.

A sense of one’s own worth is discovered not only from going inside but also from examining the world around us.

Sometimes we let ourselves be defined by the roles we are given or by our relationship with the universe. Although we can escape these stereotypes they actually are part of who we are and they change, sometimes slowly through the ages; sometimes so quickly we can’t keep up. From the time of the invention of the wheel and even before with the use of tools, these things have become extensions of ourselves.

Escape is more than looking outside a box that holds us inside.  It means redefinition and commitment and much soul searching. Going back to Rip Van Winkle, he was the same person when he woke up as when he went to sleep, but the world had changed. Did he realize that he had to change as well?

My Son, my Grandson, my Great Grandson

April 21st, 2013



Love goes


and on.



Word for today: “commitment”

April 20th, 2013

This is a difficult word. Right now I am thinking of it in terms of keeping my nose to the grindstone; keep going on the short stories; dedicate a time every day to work on them. Keep at it don’t be swayed by other diversions.

That is the commitment that I need right now, however there are other commitments that get in the way.

Duties to family and community begin to shrink because of age and it is time for me to let others take over.

I need to pay attention to “myself” which includes paying attention to what keeps me healthy, mentally capable, financially ok. Time for these things involves playing bridge, healthy diet and exercise. As for money, my grandfather always said, “Take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.” I always pick up pennies for good luck.

As for the short stories, the book is growing: there are several about ancestors and right now I am working on Africa.

April 14

April 14th, 2013

Today is Lester’s birthday. He did more things in his short life that any other man might hope to do. His family came first, then work in the community and the world.