March 28th, 2011

Just a few minutes ago, I opened the door to breathe the new morning and saw bright lights of a plane flying over the house toward San Jose. I was suddenly aware that it wasn’t just any plane but the same one that flies over every morning at this same time. I saw it’s bright lights last week when it was raining every day. Planes today are so ordinary, one hardly notices. Years ago, my Dad took me out in the country somewhere around Phoenix; he parked by a pasture where cows were grazing and pointed to a large moving object in the sky. It was big and heavy like a car and it flew over the pasture then turned and flew back. It came out of the sky and rolled across the field. The cows  hardly noticed but I thought it quite amusing that such a big heavy thing could be up in the air. There were other cars parked along the road and other people laughing and talking about the amazing sight.

Just a bit of trivia, a tiny memory.  I put another memory with the stories and poems on here. It’s called, “Bakersfield, a memory”.