When is too late?

January 12th, 2014

I wonder if
as I walk  along the cliff
and think that it may be too late
to try to use the time that is my own.
Perhaps I underestimate
what was given to me
as my dowry
for free.

The time
has quickly gone
it is no longer dawn.
Each year has been a maze to walk
to stumble, to survive, to persevere
to laugh, to love, to watch the clock.
The time moves on too fast.
What has been passed
is past.

When is
it too late to plan;
put bacon in the pan;
to play another game of bridge;
to bid and make a slam or take a chance.
Is there time to find some courage
to thrill because one lives
one who forgives
and gives.

Patricia Hernan Grube

©January1, 2014